Aram S. Shahoian

I started my yoga journey when I was 8 or 9 years old. During my summer holidays I stayed at my grandparents’ house and found an old thin brochure on yoga popularization. Back in Soviet times there were lots of brochures and magazines published to promote prominent philosophical or esoteric ideas such us yoga, Ayurveda, wushu, Taichi, karate. The information provided in such brochures was rather vague, however, all these Oriental philosophic concepts and doctrines were very attractive to the general public as opposed to the overwhelming Communist propaganda.

So, it happened that I was so amazed about the various asanas demonstrated in the brochure, and following the simple instructions very soon I was able to sit in Padmasana lotus pose.

I tried to keep this first impression of yoga and Oriental concepts into my adulthood. I have studied karate, kung-fu, boxing and meditation for several decades.

In-depth pranayama classes were taught to me by Dr. Arindham Chaterjee (India).

Eventual ly I resumed my regular yoga studies, and since 2013 I have been following the famous B.K.S Iyengar’s method of yoga. I was lucky to have great yoga teachers in my life. Among them are Svetlana Rostovtseva (Junior 2), Natalia Aloni (Junior 2), Sergey Ugryumov (Senior), Tatiana Tolochkova (Senior), Elena Ulmasbayeva (Senior), Maria Shatlanova (Senior), Olga Zvontsova (Senior), Raya Uma Datta (Senior), Dr. Eyal Shifroni (Advanced Senior), Dr. Rita Keller (Advanced Senior), Abhijata Iyengar.

My passion to yoga made it possible to translate to Russian and publish famous best-seller books in yoga by Master Eyal Shifroni – Props for Yoga. Standing asanas (   and Chair for Yoga. Extended Edition. ( The both books enjoy notable demand from the Russian speaking community of Iyengar yogis worldwide.

I am continuously enhancing my yoga knowledge and skills. Currently I am taking intensive yoga studies teachers’ course of ISBS (International Systematic Basic Studies) at the Yoga Academy (Germany).

I sincerely welcome new English speaking students to my regular classes of mindful breathing (Pranayama) at the Master of Balance Yoga School (Varna, Bulgaria). Let’s discover the wonderful world of yoga together.