Visiting rules

To make your experience with us as pleasant as possible, keep the following center rules in mind.

  1. Harmony with Nature and Cleanliness: In our cozy studio we welcome care for nature and cleanliness of the space. We ask that you do not bring pets.
  2. Care of Materials: Please refrain from using body oils during your practice to preserve the quality of our materials.
  3. Caring for Well-Being: In order to maintain a safe and respectful atmosphere, we ask that you do not consume alcohol or psychotropic substances before visiting the studio.
  4. Energetic Harmony: We recommend avoiding perfumes, garlic and onions before class to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for everybody.
  5. Silence and Respect: Please keep the studio quiet and limit conversations to create a calm and peaceful environment.
  6. Care for Your Health: Please alert your instructor to any specifics of your physical condition or health before beginning class.
  7. Professional Growth: Completion of Iyengar yoga initial training course in our yoga school is a prerequisite. +359885818562 Natalia
  8. Respect for personal space: We ask all participants to respect the personal space of others.
  9. Leaving shoes in the designated area: To maintain cleanliness and hygiene, please leave your shoes in the designated area. We are barefoot in the gym.
  10. Punctuality: We recommend arriving to class on time so as not to disrupt the smooth start and end of practice for all participants.
  11. Silence in the lounge space: Please maintain a quiet atmosphere in the lounge area, avoiding loud conversations.
  12. Leave cell phones outside the studio: For the best immersion in the practice, we recommend leaving cell phones outside the room.